Welcome to Blossom & Easel

Welcome to Blossom & Easel


Welcome to our first blog! We've been meaning to publish blogs for ages now and we're finally getting around to it. Over the coming weeks and months we'll be publishing blogs covering all sorts: art, lifestyle, home, nature and pretty much whatever else comes to us! This is our launch blog so what better place to share a little bit about the story behind Blossom & Easel? 

A platform for young artists

I first came up with the idea for Blossom & Easel when I was working in a sixth form college in Hampshire. I was working in an art department at the time and was simply astounded at the incredible talent I saw around me every day. Working with students never ceased to be a pleasure; their enthusiasm and energy was infectious and I began to realise that if I were to leave education I would want to continue working with some of these wonderful people.

So when I left teaching in 2018 it was with a plan to help some of these incredible young artists gain their first professional work and create a brand that kickstarted their careers. It's important to know that our artists don't just produce a piece of art and move on, they are so much more than that. From graphic design to social media and product development, our artists are involved and drive what we're doing and why we're doing it.

And it's not just the artists. Amazing young people have been working on so many aspects of Blossom & Easel, from filming, to photography to blogs (there'll be lots of blogs coming written by super young writers) our project owes so much to these generous and talented young people. 

It's not just about business

It's so important to us all that Blossom & Easel reflects the values we hold dear. We are proud to produce and make all our products in the UK and have made every effort to be as environmentally friendly as we can be; this isn't at the expense of quality as all our products are first-rate and reflect the best of British.

Our work doesn't only highlight the talents of our incredible artists but celebrates the best of our natural environment; all our designs are inspired by the natural grace and beauty of the British countryside (and when it's raining they're a good reminder that the rain won't last forever - is it obvious I'm writing this in February?).

This is an exciting journey, not just for me but for our talented artists and contributors. Won't you join us for more? Keep in touch and thanks for reading! 


by Christopher Johnson, Founder of Blossom & Easel

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Absolutely brilliant Chris. Some fantastic art work and great to see the work of young artists promoted. Best wishes.

Peter Giles

Lovely start to the blog so nice to read where your idea stemmed from such a fabulous project to help these young artists

Jackie Thick

I really enjoyed reading about your brand and the rationale behind it. It’s inspiring to see such talented young people being given a platform to display their artistic skills and get an insight into the business world. Many thanks: I look forward to reading more tales about you all!


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